Code Contribution to Defense Distributed, Prototype SafeGunner

What is SafeGunner?

Worked on a one-time open source (now proprietary) project called SafeGunner. For use with the DDCut.exe program on Linux via Wine64

SafeGunner checks the SHA256 hashes of the G-code .dd files for the Ghost Gunner 2 CNC Milling Machine as well as the PE32 binary itself for any sign of unauthorized modifications. Such as malicious code intended to cause the GG2 to destroy itself.

Passing additional arguments will perform a longer bootup process where static binary analysis is performed on DDCut.exe for signs of UPX packing, crypted sections of code, TLS callbacks, or unknown but malicious malware code through heuristics scanning and brief dynamic malware analysis in a sandbox.

Only if SafeGunner properly validates each one way hash and the executable will DDCut.exe be allowed to run on Linux, Windows, or Apple MacOS

Also in the works is Windows PE32 versions of SafeGunner and Apple .macho microkernel versions of SafeGunner.

What is a Ghost Gunner?

A Ghost Gunner is a CNC milling device specifically designed to convert a critical part of the firearm, a unfinished 80% lower receiver, into the completed lower receiver to build untraceable firearms such as AR-15 Assault Rifles.

They have no serial numbers. They have no paper trails. They have no registration requirements.

Just a typical day working at Lister Unlimited. (:

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